B & C Photography is a photography company run by Lee Beech alongside fellow photographer David Campbell-lenaghan.

Lee is located Kent where he is able to find a never ending source of inspiration to his photography as the gallery will show. His journey into photography is still in its early stages, but despite this his passion and skill for the art is beginning to shine through.

Lee has a skill for seeing what a photograph can become and enjoys the constructed and posed side of the art, having an ability to bring out the best in any given subject. His photographs are an insight into his world and what he sees.

David is also a Kent based photographer and has a passion for photography that is continuing to grow.

Please take the time to have a look through the galleries displayed, within them you will find a multitude of different subjects, from animals to landscapes as well the private commissions He has undertaken, for example weddings and portraits.

All of the prints are available to purchase at a reasonable price just click on the images for more details.

If you would be interested in hiring Lee or David for a private commission, wedding or a portrait shoot simply contact us through the given page.